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ABC of Buddhist service

I received a lot of emails which encourage me to translate whole webpages from Japanese into English. But It's too difficult for me to translate Buddhist terms into English.
So following pages are copy of 'JODO SHINSHU HANDBOOK FOR LAYMEN'.



  1. Memorial rites and ancestor worship
  2. Funerals
  3. Faith and funerals
  4. Funeral and after-math days
  5. Raiments for the deceased
  6. Seventh-day services
  7. Memorial services
  8. Determination of memorial days
  9. Extravagant memorials
  10. Meaning of shojin
  11. Shojin dinners
  12. Erecting a gravestone

Altar Adornments

  1. Obutsudan
  2. History of obutsudan
  3. Worship of Buddha
  4. Object of worship in Shinshu
  5. Ornaments and offerings
  6. Candle-lights and flowers
  7. Choice of flowers in offerings
  8. Taking of flower-life
  9. Rice offerings
  10. Offering of fresh fish
  11. Offering of alcoholic beverage
  12. Lotus flower

Worship Services

  1. Worship attitude
  2. Worship in mind only
  3. Meaning of worship services
  4. Sutra chanting
  5. Gassho
  6. Nenju (Ojuzu)
  7. Incense burning
  8. Incense in services
  9. Incense offering etiquette
  10. Buddhist name
  11. Homyo and Ingo
  12. Care of ihai, death record and photos of the deceased
  13. Leading a home worship
  14. Chanting of Shoshinge
  15. History of home worship
  16. Understanding the Sutra
  17. Alternate chants
  18. Service books
  19. Chants set to music staff
  20. Rin, a bell
  21. Bonsho, a gong
  22. Essentials of Jodo Shinshu Daily Creed and The Creed
  23. The Epistles
  24. Memorizing the Daily Creed
  25. Confirmation Rites
  26. Chant at a cemetery
  27. Manners at other temples
  28. Funeral etiquette